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Summary Q1-Q3 - long post!

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At one point I intended to keep the blog alive in English as well as in Swedish, but it was just too much. However, with 3/4 of 2010 just passing by, I thought this would be a great opportunity to stay updated abroad as well (and I might even be able to eliminate my annual x-masletter???), so here is a brief summary of 2010 so far.

January - we haven't seen this much snow in ages. I think the kids have never seen it, and I was probably too young to remember once it happened. I get up 45 min before the children, to go outside to do the showelling before they (or at least E) wake up. Plenty of pellets is required to warm up the house.

The house I've been keeping my eyes on is finally on the market. I give a bid, including me taking care of all garbage, they refuse, and I end up buying at my initial offer, but leaving the sellers with a h-ll of a mess ;)

February - Papers signed, for selling ours. He's fine with me leaving the house late May in order to maximize chanches to find something before moving. Just little after I do buy my house ... The 5 of us spend a day (at winter break) at Fyrishov - an indoor adventure pool. Boys extatic, E enjoys. We also do you annual daytrip to Björnbo, where the kids get to ride the tractor up to the lake.

March - I get access to the house, but my helper is not available. The old house is full of memories. Not good. Do spend an awful lot of time in the basement, getting the burner going with the pellets and sorting out junk to be taken to the recycle unit. The Rum- & Trädgårdsmässa brings back weird memories. The plans we had last year at this time of the year... E has been at day care for 2 months and it is working out well. I'm doing 60% - 3 days a week. In reality, I'm doing Mon-Thurs, shorter days on Mon and Thues.

April - Easter at U & N. Easter is evil. That's when it all happened. The year before. Of course without me knowing. In my world, all was fine. Like first "fika" outdoors. B starts renovating my house. I continue to pack up my old life. Uncountable no of trips to the recycle plant. Old tanglible memories replaced by mental ones. I thought I took care of this already in the old house? Good times when the kids and I went to the Riviera with sis and her kids. Quality in life!

May - "I want a divorce. Do you think we can sell the house before midsummer?". A year ago, and my word fell apart. This year I'm better. I am actually good. Maybe even fine. Most of the days. B continues renovating my house. Soccer practise for A starts outdoors. I get around to do some running. Or just having long walks with M. A dear friend who listened when I, a year ago, through up all the sh-t about what was happening. Sis reminded me, after the original post, that we had 5 great days in Edinburgh. We sure did!!! Sis, U and me.

June - School is out. Midsummer at Björnbo. Football camp for A. Gymnastics camp for H. Great weather. B actually finish renovating my house. Besides tiny things like the upstair bathrooms, and a few walls (in closeths).  Midsummer 2nd time on our own. Boys starting to realise the scoop, I think.

July - Kids start out holidays with dad and the new. 3 days at her summer house. I'm ok. I'm having a good time in Copenhagen with G. Great days even though weather is 10 times better in Sweden. Grandma & Grandpa B do not visit at Björnbo. L is not well. First time since 2001. Try do do excursions when swimming in the lake is not an option. The kids are with me for 3 consecutive weeks in a rows. "Better for E". Better for him, I beleive.

August - We're off to Björnbo some 5 times during summer. Aunt T celebrates 75th birthday. It's raining, but we are in their lovely barn. School start. A is in 2nd and H in 1st grade. E transfers from old pre-school to new one, at the premises of the school. I head back for work, thinking I'll do 80% up till Christmas. But that was bofore I found out he was on long time leave.

September - both boys are testing. Big time. Not at school however. Only at home. I hate it. I almost accomplish my training goals. I have finally, at age 44, come to realize that I need to work out to keep fit. I do love eating nice dinners with good wines. Then there's only one equation: out must equal, or exceed, in. The boys grandpa L pass away. He's been down with cancer since before summer. It's a great loss. He is dearly missed.

Note: April and May updated on 2nd October.

What's your Q3 statement?



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Publicerad 2010-10-02 19:26:04

You missed out on two good things, our trip to La Colle in April and the girls long weekend to Edinburgh in May! :-)

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Publicerad 2010-10-03 01:11:23

Issues have been dealt with in the updated version..

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